Focus on the Learner Essay – Teaching English As a Foreign Language

Focus on the Learner Essay

A great EFL does more than just repeat grammar rules and vocabulary. To be a great EFL teacher, you should love getting to know your students and learning about their cultures. A good sense of humor and patience is also a excellent quality to have. In addition to these basic qualities, an excellent EFL teacher works to discover the motivations of each of his or her individual students.

Student Motivations

Each student has his or her unique motivation or reason for attending EFL classes. For some students, their parents are forcing them to take classes. These students often show very little interest in class and a good EFL teacher can find interesting activities to peek the students’ interest. Other students, particularly professionals, may be motivated to learn English in order to get a promotion at work. University students will be motivated to take EFL classes because they know that they can find better work by having English as another language.
Student motivations fall into two categories, intrinsic and extrinsic. When a student is learning English because he or she will use it for fun or enjoyment, that student has intrinsic motivation. Examples including being able to enjoy a video game, movie or music. When a student essaypa learns English for other reasons, including in order to get a promotion at work, that student is said to be extrinsically motivated. You’ll never find a student who is completely motivated intrinsically or extrinsically. Most of the time, your students will have a combination of motivations.

Needs Analysis

A good EFL teacher will conduct a needs analysis to determine each student’s motivations. Needs analysis can be informal or formal. In classroom settings with many students, a teacher should perform the needs analysis in an informal way. This can be done by simply observing each student to determine their strengths and weaknesses with English. Informal questions can also be asked to determine why the student is taking English classes. On the other hand, when teaching students in a one-on-on class, a more formal and in-depth needs analysis can be performed.
My experience as an EFL teacher is centered around teaching students individually in one-to-one classes. I conduct the classes via Skype and use an online platform to handle scheduling and content creation and delivery. The platform works excellently with mobile devices and I frequently give great classes on my iPhone. This type of teaching is great for me because I can teach from anywhere I have a solid internet connection.
Most of my students have Spanish as their first language. I prefer to teach Spanish speaking students because I also speak their mother tongue, which allows me to break through any language barriers easier with lower level students.
I really enjoy teaching English. I have a TEFL certificate that I was awarded after taking a TEFL course in Mexico. See one of the following links to read my essay submission for the “Focus on the Learner Essay”. I have scanned the original document which includes teacher marks so you can see what instructors are looking for. To learn how to write an essay read the next article – editionsducerf