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The field of law is one of the most towering and challenging fields of study in the world today. Unlike the elementary legal systems of centuries, the law of today is extremely complex. The globalization of different countries and increasing interconnectivity through trade and technology between nations has been the cause of this.  Also, the different domains within the field of law have their own distinct objectives. Consequently, their relevant study matter is also distinct from other domains, although they may overlap on occasion. The sheer depth and variety in the field mandate that any person engaging in the study of law has to focus on one particular aspect of it and pursue a specialization in the same. In the context of our country, our system of law is based upon and to a certain extent, derived from the British common law. Also, the laws of individual states, while not having any direct impact on each other, do have a certain amount of influence. In addition to the local divisions of law like constitutional, administrative, criminal, civil, corporate law, accounting law etc. there are international laws to be taken into account. Needless to say, any study in this field would require rigorous effort and more importantly an ample information resource which may be used to augment the study. Since the legal system of our country is based upon the British common law system, legal precedents have a pivotal influence on the outcomes of cases.

Also, students who study law, irrespective of their domains, have to study and be aware of these precedents so that they are able to apply them as and when required.
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